Tips to Increase Restaurant Reviews on TripAdvisor

Tips to Increase Restaurant Reviews on TripAdvisor

Tips to Increase Restaurant Reviews on TripAdvisor

Every restaurateur knows that helpful reviews can boost business while terrible ones can close you down. And, in an age when everyone can be an online critic, ratings have never been more important mainly on TripAdvisor & Google.

Below are the top 5 proven tips to increase restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor.

Go Extra Mile

Provide remarkable service and go extra mile by giving attention to every detail. Make them feel welcome and comfortable. Provide genuine attention to guests.

Create a Brand Standard

Have a brand standard in place about service, food & etiquette. For e.g. this would include handing out TripAdvisor review card along with the bill, serve and clear food from the diner’s left etc.

Incentivise Your Staff

Your staffs are the face of your business. They interact with guests more than you, so train them on etiquette and brand value. If possible, start review based incentives for your staffs. For e.g. if a staff’s name is mentioned by a “genuine” guest offer him or her a shopping voucher or monetary reward.

Use TripAdvisor Review Express

To use TripAdvisor review express, you need guest email addresses who have visited your restaurant. So, start collecting email and use TripAdvisor Review Express. Learn more HERE.

Remind the Guest

Gently remind the guests about TripAdvisor review when they finish dinner and leave the restaurant. Inform them how important it is for your business to have a positive review.

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