The key ingredients to creating a memorable restaurant brand

how to create a restaurant brand

The key ingredients to creating a memorable restaurant brand

In this article, Mike Hardman, Marketing Manager at catering specialist Alliance Online, takes a look at the essentials any restaurant needs to get right to make an impression.

Every successful restaurant needs a brand that will make potential customers pay attention. Without creating a memorable experience, your establishment will be in danger of fading into the landscape of other generic eateries, which will most likely see your business suffer.

With a striking look and impressive reputation at your disposal, you can increase the chances of keeping your restaurant at the top of your customer’s list of priorities when they’re deciding where to eat out. Below I’ve set out the key ingredients you need to create an appealing dining brand.

Come up with an appealing concept

The first step to making your restaurant stand out is coming up with an appealing concept that will get your clientele interested. To get this right you will need to consider a few things, including the type of food you’ll be serving up, the atmosphere you’ll be creating, and who your intended customers are going to be. Taking each of these points into account will help you decide upon other details, like your price point, what kind of service you will offer, and how your staff will be dressed.

And, don’t forget to look around the marketplace to see what your competitors are offering. Pay attention to what they’re doing well and what they’re not doing so well: maybe they’ve got fine food but old-fashioned service or a great atmosphere that’s held back by an over complicated menu. Take note and make sure your own establishment offers more so you stand out.

Nail the design of your dining area

When it comes to the design of your dining area, aim to create a space that’s attractive and inviting. Remember that this is not just the place where your customers will eat, but also somewhere they will relax and socialise, so they’ll need to feel comfortable. Keep your concept in mind at all times too: when deciding upon a design feature, ask yourself whether it complements or takes away from what you’re trying to achieve.

Take care when deciding what type of dining furniture and layout you’re going to opt for. Your furniture should strike the right balance between being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable — it’s no use having beautifully ornate chairs if your customers can’t sit on them for the duration of their meal, after all. Also, be sure to leave ample space between each table so that your guests don’t feel overcrowded and your staff can navigate easily.

Make your food Instagram-worthy

For many diners, eating out is an experience that they want to share online. Because of this, image-focused social networks, like Instagram, are a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your brand and make more people aware of what your restaurant offers.

To take full advantage, make sure your dishes are served in a creative, unique way with plenty of colour on show, so that they look great when your customers start snapping away. Invest in some interesting crockery or serving dishes for food and some beautiful glassware for cocktails to match your delicious creations.

Promote your establishment online

Alongside your customers posting pictures of your food and drink, you should make sure that your restaurant has a strong presence online. You’ll need an attractive website that matches your overall concept, as well as having all the details your customers need before visiting your establishment. And, because 86% of diners like to check a menu before eating out (OpenTable), you’ll need to make sure you have a digital version that’s available to browse.

You should also set up social media accounts for your restaurant on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here, you can post your own images of your eatery and dishes to get potential customers interested, as well as keeping them up to date with the latest offers and menu additions. Social media is also a great tool for engaging with diners and showing you appreciate their custom. So, whether you’re running a competition, replying to a comment, or letting someone know your opening times, be sure to keep up a friendly and warm brand voice.

Consider these four points when you’re looking to create a memorable brand for your restaurant and you’ll be well on your way to attracting more customers.

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