selling restaurant business

restaurant business valuation

How To Do Restaurant Valuation?

Restaurant Valuation, How to Do It? *Restaurant Valuation = ODE + Value of FF&E + Stock + Lease Terms (For independent restaurants only) As a restaurateur, selling your business can be daunting especially if you do not know how much it is worth or how to value it. There are several methods of valuation but neither of them are considered as a standard process, because restaurant business valuation...

selling restaurant business

6 Top Tips About Selling Restaurant Business

6 Top tips for selling restaurant business NOTE: The following tips are for selling a leasehold property. Selling a restaurant business was never straightforward and will never be, except being extremely lucky. Market is intensely challenging considering the demand and supply ratio, more restaurants for sale and very low demand. Lately there has been rapid closures in hospitality sector, especially...

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