How to Start a Takeaway Business

how to start a takeaway business

How to Start a Takeaway Business

Home delivery and takeaways are great business to start this current market, where home delivery service is booming. They offer a popular service to a wide range of people and clients, and above all the trend of eating out is increasing and on an all-time high. Opening and running a takeaway business is very exhausting but very profitable if you choose the right products and your operating hours. A takeaway business may seem like a small and simple business but tiny details are important.

Here are tips on how to open a takeaway business:

Choose the right type or category

Choosing the right business is vital to any business person. Takeaways are categorised according to the type of food they offer. For example, there are fish and chips takeaways, chips and cheeseburgers, Indian takeaways, Chinese takeaways, Pizza takeaway, kebabs and some that sell all types of foods, cold drinks, and hot beverages as well. You should be careful when choosing a category because a wrong category will affect your performance.

Location, Location, Location

In business, location is very important. For a takeaway, you need to position your business in an area where people like to stop and grab a fast food. If you decide to operate a takeaway business that offers heavy food, you should consider setting it up close to college students or families where they can easily pick or order their lunch or supper. Avoid isolated areas as it can discourage people from coming to your premise because of security reasons or other reasons.


Time is a huge factor when it comes to opening and running a takeaway business. If your location is surrounded by offices, you will make sales before morning working hours, lunch hours and after 6 pm. In a residential area, your customers will come at around lunchtime, that is, 1 pm all through to around 9 pm. If you are in a city centre, you will have to be open by 1 pm and remain open until 2 or even 3 am to benefit from those people who will be leaving the pubs and clubs for home.

Seek help from a commercial estate agency in finding a premise

Since all business premises preparing and selling food are required by law to be licensed and have the necessary health documents, it might cost you time and money to start from scratch. Therefore, instead of going through this harrowing process, it is a good idea to find or buy a premise that has been operational and has a food license. You can find this by checking the available properties from a local commercial estate agency.

In takeaway business, the quality of your food, the reliability of your deliveries, special customer service and hygiene are some of the things that will make your business to stand out and become a success.

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