How to Choose a Restaurant Name

how to choose a restaurant name

How to Choose a Restaurant Name

There is more in a name especially when that name is linked to a restaurant business. The kind of name you choose for your restaurant business can either make or break it.  Since we only have just one chance to make the first impression, careful selection of your restaurant’s name is very critical. Actually, the name that you chose for your restaurant business should resonate with you and have an emotional appeal to your clients and the location.

If you are contemplating on starting a restaurant business and probably have no clue on how to select that perfect name for your business, here are some compelling tips to give you some insights.

Tips for selecting perfect name for your restaurant

Location of your business

The location of your business is a good place to start brainstorming the name for your restaurant business. If there some attraction sites nearby such as beaches, lakes, or forests, naming your restaurant based on them will work since that what the area is well known for. Also, if the location has a history behind it, you can leverage that to come up with the restaurant name.  If your business is situated in a building that has a wonderful story behind it, that can make a great name for your business.

Go for attractive and catchy name

Since we are in the digital era, the name that you chose for your business should resonate with the current world we are living in.  Technological advancement present you with an array of opportunities to advertise your business on various digital platforms. Therefore, when selecting the name of your restaurant name, make it catchy and attractive. Many people today are using apps, for instance Yelp, to look for places they can have their meals and drinks. Therefore, if you restaurant name is catchy and attractive, you will get good rating and hence attract more online customers.

Select name based on Restaurant theme

The concept of your restaurant can be a great source for your restaurant name. For instance, if you are planning to have special cuisine, let say Mexican or Philippines, choose a name that is in line with that. The bottom line here is; the concept of your restaurant and the name should correlate and be complementary.

Keep the name simple and unique

Hard to read and complicated names are not good for restaurant business. You need your clients to remember the name for your restaurant with ease. Therefore keep it simple and punchy. The name should be easy to read in a matter of seconds. Besides it being simple, keep it unique. Avoid copying other businesses’ names as this has legal consequences.  Just put your creativity at work and craft a unique and original name for your business.

Lastly, when crafting a restaurant name, use a positive tone. Using positive phrases has a positive psychological effect on your clientele mind.

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