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choosing a restaurant name

Create a Perfect Name for Your Restaurant

Finding the Flavour: The Secrets to Creating a Restaurant Name That Resonates with Your Target Audience The name of a restaurant can be the deciding factor between success and failure. It is the first thing a potential customer sees and can be the difference between them walking in the door or moving on to the next option. A great restaurant name should capture the restaurant's essence and cuisine and...

restaurant earnings in the UK

Restaurant Owner’s Discretionary Earnings

Restaurant Owner's Discretionary Earnings (ODE) In general, a healthy restaurant with good financials should have an ODE of at least 15-20% of revenue.  Owner's Discretionary Earnings (ODE) is a financial metric used to determine the total earnings that an owner-operator of a small restaurant business generates from the business in a given period. ODE is often used in the context of restaurant...

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